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Gas Logs

Vented or Vent Free Gas Logs & Contemporary Loft Burners

Tired of carrying in wood and cleaning up the mess from your wood burning fireplace? Why not switch to gas logs to enhance your masonry or manufactured fireplace with vented or vent free gas logs.

Offered in ceramic or refractory log styles and sizes from 18 inches for the smallest fireplaces to massive 40+ inch logs for large masonry fireplaces. Log sets are handcrafted to provide a realistic look and feel to your fireplace experience. From the active natural flames to the glowing bed of embers, they enhance any room in your home.

Vented Gas Logs

Vented gas logs are the most realistic looking log sets but are the least efficient. A vented gas log set vents the gas fumes up a chimney. The flames are larger because more British Thermal Units (BTUs) of gas are used. If heating your interior space is a priority, vented gas logs are less efficient than their vent free counterparts because most of the heat rises up the stack. In vented applications, ceramic fiber logs produce a glowing effect that captures twice the radiant heat of concrete sets, thereby increasing heating efficiency in your interior space.

Vent Free Gas Logs

A Vent-Free system uses room air for combustion and delivers 99.9% of the available heat energy directly to the room. VF systems have an unmatched safety record, thanks in part to their clean-burning technology and their Oxygen Depletion Sensor, which instantly shuts of the valve if oxygen in the room drops to and unsafe level. Because no venting is required, VF systems offer more installation options.

Note: Vent free products cannot be installed in bedroom locations in Michigan.

Contemporary Loft Burners

Loft Burner Systems deliver a contemporary look with an artistic flair – by itself or accessorized to suit the room. Choose decorative tops and firebox liners, in reflective black or brushed stainless steel, and crushed glass in a multitude of colors. Available in Direct Vent or Vent Free.

Log sets & loft burners come with a standard safety pilot or can be upgraded to a remote system. Simple on/off remotes or flame height adjustment remotes available depending on application.

We have a wide selection of gas logs & loft burners on display. Visit one of our two showrooms to see the many style options & sizes available. We will help you select the right size for your application. We also offer installation & gas line runs through our own installation team. Our Installation Teams have over 45 combined years of experience of installing gas lines and indoor & outdoor fire features.

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