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Sedona by Lynx Grill is available in four models with several different burner configurations (built-in and free standing), ranging in size from 24 to 42 inches.

The 23,000 BTU durable 18SR stainless steel tube burner carries a 12 year warranty. The ceramic briquettes are designed to infuse flavor into the food from drippings and are clipped in place for easy cleaning – just reverse the tray on high for 5 minutes.

The Sedona offers Lynx ProSear variable infrared burner, for cooking at high and low temperatures. The 23,000 BTU patented Lynx ProSear1 infrared burner rated is fully variable. Unlike other sear burners that can only be set on high or off, the Lynx ProSear1 allows you to go from 300 to 1000 degrees within a matter of minutes. And, the Lynx ProSear1 burner carries a lifetime warranty.

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