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Gas Lanterns

Choosing a lantern is not as simple as choosing a table lamp. It requires a lot of thought and knowledge. Custom-made copper, brass or stainless steel lanterns and lamps that use propane, natural gas, or electricity and evoke the elegance of old world charm or modern flare in any home.

Choosing the right outdoor lighting fixtures is a critical finishing touch to a new home or a newly refreshed home. Gas lanterns can be the jewels that make a modest home appear to be a mansion, and conversely the appearance of a luxury home can be dampened by choosing the wrong outdoor lanterns.

In selecting the best outdoor light fixtures for your home there are three factors to consider: size, style & placement.

The size of the lantern is important! Often, people choose lanterns that are too small for the home and thus miss their desired effect. Size and proportion really come into play when matching post lanterns along a walkway or driveway with gas light sets on the porch or a lantern with large scrolls above the front entrance.

The style of your outdoor lighting fixtures should be complementary to the style of your home. Here at Shores Fireplace and BBQ, we offer a group of gas lights and that will enhance the style of your home. Considering all the models and options, we offer literally thousands of possibilities, but not every lantern is a good match for every home and application. It is our purpose to help you to find the perfect match in both outdoor gas lighting fixtures, taking in to consideration the size, style, exterior features, and lines of your home.

Placement is also very critical in attaining your desired look and effect of outdoor lighting fixtures. When lantern placement is beside a door, they must not be mounted too high on the wall, losing the value of the light and beauty of the gas lantern. Placement of a single gas lantern over the door can set the mood for entering guests, however depth from the wall and style of gas lantern are critical. A look of luxury and fine taste is created by placing lanterns that exactly match the style of outdoor gas lights used in the front of the home in other applications; on the garage or carriage house, at the side door or back porch, around the pool, patio, shoreline, dock or garden.

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