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The Solaire Grill is the Last Grill You’ll Ever Buy

Solaire infrared grills are the best-designed grills on the market today, built to last and not overburdened with components that are known to fail after a short period of time outdoors (lights, gauges, thermostats, LCD screens, etc.). Failures of these components have proven to be amongst the top service issues and sources of consumer dissatisfaction with their grills. Unfortunately, these components typically fail after the warranty period has expired, leaving you with an expensive fix.

Instead, Solaire focuses on the key qualities of a grill: grilling performance, ease of serviceability, simple but effective design, quality components and materials, outstanding fit and finish, and a burner system that produces foods that rival top restaurants.

Solaire also offers one of the largest selections of infrared grills and accessories. The Mini, Anywhere, and Everywhere portables grills are perfect for tailgating and grilling on the go. The best-selling 27XL is the perfect convergence of price and size. The 36” is the size most often specified by kitchen designers, while our 56” is the largest infrared grill on the market.

In addition, Solaire provides numerous accessories like griddles, smoker boxes, steamers, and fryers to enhance your backyard grilling experience, along with an extensive offering of drawers, bartending centers, refrigerators, and more to complete your outdoor kitchen.