A tradition of excellence, for more than 60 years.

It all started in 1958, when brothers Auguste and Lucien Valcourt founded
the company Valcourt et Frère Enr. Very talented, they first stood out in the
manufacture of stairs and wrought iron balconies that adorned the most
beautiful homes of Quebec. Guided by his creativity, Auguste began in 1975
the manufacture of custom fireplace doors and slowly relinquished stairs
and balconies. Once again, the quality of the products offered allowed the
company to stand out in this new adventure.

It was in 1992 that Valcourt discovered its true vocation and manufactured
its first wood fireplace: the Manor. Just as popular with consumers as with
industry experts, this model has been replicated by multiple manufacturers
without ever being matched. A few years later, Valcourt innovated again
with its legendary guillotine fireplace, called Antoinette. Very first guillotine
fireplace on the market, this model is the pioneer of this type and was a
major success. Over the years, the fireplace industry has undergone many
changes in environmental standards that have imposed increasingly
severe restrictions. Living up to its previous successes, Valcourt has
brilliantly met these new challenges and launched in 2015 the largest
fireplace on the market that meets the EPA requirements.

Guided by endless creativity and the desire to offer the best to its
customers, Valcourt continues this tradition of excellence and presents in
2020 a whole new range of gas fireplaces.